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Welcome to Ankeny Financial Planning

Developing Long-Term Solutions For Your Best Interest

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Client-Focused Financial Planning Services

For Des Moines, IA and Beyond

At Ankeny Financial Planning, we work with you to build confidence and successfully approach your goals. With commitment to your needs, we are dedicated to building genuine relationships and helping people when they need it most. As a fee-only firm, we offer a full range of financial planning services to individuals and families alike.

You Can Look Forward to Experiencing

Accessibility Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning


There are no minimum income or asset requirements to work with us and you’ll have the option to partner together on an ongoing or as-needed project basis.

Fee-Only Solutions Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

Fee-Only Solutions

Because Ankeny Financial Planning is a fee-only firm, we do not accept commissions. Our focus is on providing independent and objective financial advice that you can adhere to with confidence.

Fiduciary Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

Fiduciary Focus

We recommend only the strategies and products that best meet your needs. As an independent firm, we work directly with you, keeping your interests at the forefront of our work.

Here to Suit the Unique Needs of Your Family

With a tailored process to address your goals and interests, we proudly provide financial advice to clients in all stages of life, regardless of net worth or investment amounts.

Learn More About What We Offer

Discover What We’re All About

Getting to Know Your Advocate in Financial Understanding

Ryan Watermiller Photo

Ryan Watermiller

Financial Planner

In his role, Ryan enjoys the challenge of communicating complex financial information and building long-term relationships with clients. He begins each of his partnerships with a series of conversations to discover and prioritize his client’s goals and interests. As time progresses, Ryan works hard to provide consistent service for his clients and help them remain on track to reach their financial goals. 

With a Computer Information Systems bachelor’s degree, Ryan has roughly 10 years of IT experience supporting various investment operations processes. Although he is well versed in technology, Ryan has always been interested in personal finances, which is why he changed career paths to pursue his passion of helping others financially. He feels that because not everyone wants to focus on the financial details of their lives on a regular basis, it’s important to have a second opinion or someone to help them address their concerns. As a big proponent of financial independence, and all the freedom it provides, Ryan looks forward to applying his knowledge and education to his work with clients.

Outside of the office, Ryan stays active and enjoys spending time outdoors. You can find him on the basketball court, running, biking or making memories with his wife, Tara, and daughter, Nora. They love taking vacations together where they can experience what nature has to offer and find the best trails to hike. 

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Why Choose Ankeny Financial Planning?

As a fee-only firm, our goal is to make financial planning easily accessible to a greater portion of the Des Moines area. Above all else, we prioritize developing personal connections and long-term relationships with you and your loved ones that technology and online capabilities alone simply can’t provide.

Your goals may range from working on a cash flow plan to achieving financial independence. By providing interactive tools and a partnership you can count on, we’ll help you plan for success.

What You Can Expect When We Work Together

Straightforward Value

We know how complex your finances can feel, which is why our pricing and value  remain straightforward and easy to understand. With no asset minimums, our focus rests on building a connection with you, regardless of the size of your wealth.

Actionable Advice

Our goal is to provide recommendations through communication that simplifies your complex concerns. Over time, your financial circumstances may evolve, which is why we will provide continued guidance and tools to help you succeed.

Educated Experience

As a young firm, we view our youthfulness and modern approach to be a great strength. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to continue learning about the industry and providing suggestions that tie in seamlessly with your situation. 

Personable Contact

We’re enthusiastic about what we do, which is why we’re happy to meet with you locally or wherever works best for you in order to discuss your needs.

Dedicated Partnerships With You in Mind

With foundational knowledge and education that our clients seek,
we look forward to getting to know what makes you, you.

Experience Our Solutions

Personalized Solutions to Align Your Wealth
With Your Life Goals

Discover the Reach 

Of Your Financial Potential

If You Have Experienced…

  • A lack of access to personalized financial planning
  • Products being sold to you that don’t align with your interests
  • An inability to meet asset minimums

...Then You Should Know

Best Interest of Clients Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

We succeed when you do and work in your best interest, always

Meet Your Needs Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

Our goal is to efficiently tailor solutions to meet your particular needs

Quality Financial Planning Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

No matter the size of your wealth, you deserve quality financial planning

Feeling heard and having a clear sense of purpose is key when it comes to successful financial planning. You are much more likely to succeed when you know where you are heading and why, which is why we will spend time setting goals together, regardless of the service you’re seeking.

Comprehensive Planning Services
We Offer Include:

  • Retirement Planning Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningRetirement Planning
  • Estate Planning Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningEstate Planning
  • Cash Flow Planning Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningCash Flow Planning
  • Investment Management Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningManaging Your Investments
  • Insurance Planning Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningInsurance Planning
  • Education Funding Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningFunding for Education
  • Achieving Financial Independence Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial PlanningAchieving Financial Independence

Associated Fee Schedule

Ongoing Financial Planning


Designed for those interested in ongoing financial guidance and the assurance that a professional will be there to offer advice through life’s key moments.

Project-Based Planning

$750 - $1,000

If you’re willing to implement your financial plan and investments on your own, project-based guidance may be best for you. We’ll cover a particular financial planning topic or conduct a review of your financial plans.

Investment Management

0.4% OF Assets Managed

This is for accounts that we implement, monitor and manage on your behalf. Only available for Financial Planning clients.

Dedicated to Your Distinct Questions, Concerns and Goals

With a plan unique to your circumstances, we’ll help you feel confident in achieving your aspirations.

Learn About Getting Started

Committed to Building a Relationship

Beyond Finances

We’ll Begin by Designing Your Financial Road Map

One Conversation at a Time

In order to maximize your financial understanding, we ensure that our process is as efficient and informative as possible. Our intention is to meet in person for more critical meetings, but we’re happy to tailor the details to your ongoing needs and preferences. Whether it’s at your place of business, a local coffee shop or a co-working space, we’re eager to meet with you wherever is the most convenient.

Financial Road Map Ankeny, IA Ankeny Financial Planning

Our Planning Process

Step 1:

Listen & Engage

We’ll begin with an introductory call or email exchange in which we’ll get to know one another and discuss your unique personal and financial interests, as well as your current financial picture.

Step 2:

Discover Your Goals

Once we’re better acquainted, we will take a deeper dive into identifying your values and financial vision. By discovering what’s important to you, we can help create a distinct roadmap of how to get there.

Step 3: Get Organized & Explore Possibilities

Next, we will gather all the information we need and work together to get you organized so we can begin to analyze and explore all the options you want to consider.

Step 4:

Plan Presentation

At this time, we’ll present the strategies that have been carefully designed to support your unique aspirations and financial goals. Once we’ve discussed your needs, our goal is that you feel better prepared to achieve a confident financial future.

Step 5:

Monitor, Adjust & Communicate

Over time, our relationship will change based on your preferences and what financial approach should be taken. We’ll develop a yearly service calendar that generally outlines our meetings moving forward. While our goal is to meet for a yearly review and mid-year check-in, your needs may require that we discuss them more often, which we are happy to do.

We Look Forward to Being Your Lifetime Advisor

At Ankeny Financial Planning, we truly enjoy providing dedicated service to you and your loved ones, which includes being there through transitional moments in life. No matter what you’re experiencing, we’ll work together to help you confidently move forward.

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