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Health Insurance in Early Retirement Thumbnail

Health Insurance in Early Retirement

For people interested in early retirement, or even self-employment after leaving a more traditional job, health insurance is one of the trickiest obstacles to figure out. With the costs of healthcare, it’s absolutely critical to have coverage, but our current system was completely designed around employer sponsored plans, which makes things harder for people trying to go on their own.

Let’s Make a Spending Plan! Thumbnail

Let’s Make a Spending Plan!

Sometimes the way we talk about a topic makes all the difference. Recently I’ve heard a couple people refer to a ‘spending plan’ as an alternative to what we normally call budgeting. The word budget has a lot of baggage so framing it in a different way could potentially have benefits for how we think about it.

Education Planning for Kids Thumbnail

Education Planning for Kids

Planning for kids’ education after high school is extremely tricky. If you try to start young to get ahead of the expenses, you’re planning for something 10-15+ years in the future with lots of big unknowns. Many of these questions are about the individual child: what will interest them and what will they want to pursue at that point? Many are on the broader picture: how much is it going to cost by then, and is our current college model even sustainable with the incredible amounts of student debt we see now?

College Planning
Should You Take the New Job? Thumbnail

Should You Take the New Job?

All of us go through different job changes throughout our working careers, some by choice and others that just happen as a result of something else. It could be different roles within the same company, changing companies in the same industry or making a total career change. Whatever the case may be, these changes can be full of stress and excitement, so it can be beneficial to take a step back and evaluate all the factors to consider before making the leap.

Simplify Your (Financial) Life Thumbnail

Simplify Your (Financial) Life

I am a huge believer in simple solutions and trying to reduce complexity wherever it makes sense. Simplifying different aspects of your life has huge benefits for your mental energy and allows you to spend time where it matters.