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Invest, Don't Gamble! Thumbnail

Invest, Don't Gamble!

With all the technology and apps we have at our fingertips now, it has become easier than ever to be able to invest money in financial markets. While this can be great and empowering for consumers if used correctly, it can add a lot of complexity, confusion and risk to an already difficult topic. One of these new technology-driven platforms is Robinhood, which has really caught on with Millennials and other individual investors.

3 Things to Do Before Budgeting Thumbnail

3 Things to Do Before Budgeting

Budgeting is never the most exciting topic, but it’s something everyone needs to consider because the way we spend money is the baseline for everything in our financial lives. The amount of money you spend is directly related to figuring out other important aspects of a financial plan, like how much to have in an emergency fund or the amount needed to fund a successful retirement.

How to Prepare and Respond to a Pay Cut or Income Reduction Thumbnail

How to Prepare and Respond to a Pay Cut or Income Reduction

Several major employers in the Des Moines area have recently announced significant pay cuts and other cost saving measures as the economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic continue to spread. As businesses work to keep afloat, what are some steps that families can take to make sure they are prepared and able to get through any financial obstacles that might be coming?

Is a Financial Planner Worth the Money? Thumbnail

Is a Financial Planner Worth the Money?

I’ve written before about all the different areas of your life that a financial planner can help with, but how can you judge the value of what you’re getting? Almost anyone has experienced situations where they could use a second opinion, or advice on a particular topic. Everyone has a unique situation and different goals to pursue, so how can you determine if working with a financial planner on an ongoing basis is right for you?

Investing in Volatile Markets Thumbnail

Investing in Volatile Markets

We can’t predict what markets are going to do in the short-term, but there are many things to do that will set you up for success in the long-term. Having a good plan in place before we experience major market events is one of the most important things investors can do to set themselves up for success. With investing it’s critical to think about the facts and what your goals are, while removing emotions from it as much as possible. So without trying to time the market or take other risky actions, what are some things you can control during market turbulence?